Spotlight Hobbies

1964 Volkswagen Transporter…pic

Bought it for $40 a week before Christmas in 1973

It had a blown engine and transaxle, no brakes, dead 6 - volt battery and plenty of rust

Burned out a few 6 to 12 volt converters that powered the 8-track player,
playing Deep Purple Machine, Mott the Hoople Live and Rolling Stones it’s only Rock & Roll 8 track tapes

Got body sheet metal panels, mirrors, 1400cc VW big bore kit and fiberglass engine scoops from the J.C. Whitney Catalog

I had to replace both windshields, they weren’t broken but they lacked an “AS1” marking

My dad, brother and I did the body work and gave it Ditzler PPG "Sealing wax red" over "Beige gray" enamel paint job.

My Mom made red Denim curtains for the windows

After blowing up three 40 horsepower engines and changing a few clutches…
I could remove an old engine and install a rebuilt one by myself in seven minutes…
the first time took a few hours.

My friends nick-named it, “The Torpedo” because when we restored it when the headlights were removed,
it looked like a Torpedo could be launched from the headlight buckets.

Sold it in ’75 for $800 and the guy that bought it actually drove it from New Jersey to somewhere in New England
and it made it

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