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Hey guys, here is my latest build after six months of not doing much modeling... *LINK*

We had a very busy summer this year! Our youngest son Cody graduated from high school in June. Then in July we had his grad party and two weeks later we drove out to Glacier National Park for a week. In August, Cody became an Eagle Scout and at the end of the month we took him to tech college in Milwaukee. He's studying Audio Production with the hope to become a music producer and perhaps in other media areas as well. He makes his own music and sings, plays keys, piano, drums, and is learning guitar and ukulele. Our oldest son Ben is in his last year at Milwaukee School of Engineering, studying software engineering. He also plays guitar and has been playing for over eight years. Both boys are very talented musicians and smart guys and we're very proud of them. So since both are at college we are empty nesters and are enjoying the peace and quiet and the way the house stays cleaner and much less cluttered with only the two of us here along with our three cats.

So, after that long intro, here is my latest build. It's AMT's 2011 Camaro ragtop snap kit. I had some more involved projects going up until summer began so I wanted to do something more out of the box to help me get back into the swing of things. This was a pretty nice kit. Overall the parts fit was good except I had to do a little modification to get the rear bumper to fit better but it still has a gap. I painted it with Testors' Nassau Blue and used Tamiya tan and black for the interior along with some Ken's Fuzzy Fur for carpeting. Detail in the kit was decent but could have been better at least on the dash. The decals included in the model had a flat finish to them which I thought was odd but I only used small ones anyway and added clear acrylic over the tops of the gauges and the radio face. Anyway, here are a few pics with a link to the rest if you'd like to check out more. Thanks for looking and enjoy the rest of your evening!

Bob Kremer

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