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Frank- we were there too, speaking about sand castles...

...there were big piles of sand (about 6' tall) near the stands. It seemed like one of the hot set ups to see all of the racing was to climb to the top of the sand pile and camp out on one to watch. Some people had beach chairs or blankets on top. If you ever get to go, get in there early and claim your spot at the "top of the mountain".

My buddies and I wondered (jokingly): if you knocked somebody off of the sand pile, could you take their spot? :)

The Wildwood beach is HUGE. Some years in October, we actually get decent beach weather, so come prepared to play on the beach if you come. This year, it was a little chilly for it (around 63 degrees with a breeze all day), but some years, we have actually gone to the beach on a nice warm October day.

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