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'65 Ford Mustang coupe, &900. 289, C4, custom painted white with fogged blue edges.

The custom paint was the result of the car being at another used car lot in Killeen back then, before I found the car at the lot we bought it from. That f"first lot" was the ONLY used car lot in town with its own paint booth, so EVERY vehicle they sold automatically got a fresh coat of paint before it was put up front, EVEN IF the car did NOT need a new paint job (they later repainted a SIX-MONTH-OLD Mustang GT in 1991, just because they could!!)
Front wheels and tires were a unmatched set of steel slot wheels with a Japanese radial tire mounted on them. Rears were Superior steel slots on Sears Superwide 60s.
Blew the number seven piston to smithereens (stuck lifter) on a senior trip to the lake. Rebuilt 302 replaced the 289.

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