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Thanks Bill! Would've been neat to see you there! We were up in the stands by 2pm..

It was indeed a fun event! The weather cooperated in that it wasn't super hot, still I got a sun burn!

Yes, there may have been about 25 cars running. Note that Saturday was just free runs, the actual bracket racing was on Sunday. Of course every car was cool, some built just for this event. A couple surprises stuffed into Model As included a Packard straight eight and a Hudson Super six.

We got there about 9am. There was a long line and we waited about an hour to pay and get inside. Once inside it was already packed. All the bleacher seating was filled, and the sand dunes completely populated. The people were stacked three deep at the fence. It was difficult to work our way into a spot where we could see the cars running. Lesson learned - Buy tickets on-line ahead of time (those folks just walked in) and get there before 8am to secure good viewing spot.

We went up on the boardwalk for lunch and upon our return, the crowd had thinned out a bit. We were able to sit on a lower bench in the bleachers and as people higher up left, we moved up until we were about halfway up and had a good view. Note that in the afternoon, they stopped running bikes as the beach surface got messy and it was dangerous. It was a bit disorganized, there was no listed time for the racing to end. Then they just announced that the emergency squad was leaving at 4pm and that was it. We were pretty much done by that point anyway and happy that the pits were opened up so we could view and photo the cars close up.

Overall we had a good day! It is a four day event, but one day was enough for us!

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