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Phone a friend time......... *PIC*

Well....ask my friends......
I have wanted a set of MiniLites for my Javelin since day one 1993.
But they are just way to costly and hard to get in the size I need.
Enter VTO Classic 8 wheels....a kinda MiniLite clone

For a set of four, caps, metal short valve stems and lugs $800 at my door.
Current wheels came on the car. 'Progressive' wheels...not bad....but not my pick.
I owned a set of MiniLites that were on my 66 Mustang back in the day (1970's) but lost them when a storage unit was broken into....which is one reason a can't pull the trigger...I HAD A SET!!
Any way.....just wondering if the wheel change is worth it, leave it....or what??
Thanks all!

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