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If a kit is so detailed that it fails to go together easily, what's the fun in that? Give me a simplified kit with dead-on scale fidelity and body proportions and I'll take that.....

I'll take that in a heartbeat over a super detailed, super fiddly, hard to assemble just eye-balled designed model kit. It doesn't matter how detailed the parts count is if the body proportions/design details are wrong. I've passed on a lot of new released kits due to this.

That's what made those old Johan kits so amazing. Relatively simple kits that looked almost like the real thing. They just had that look about them. It's when they started getting into the poseable steering in some of their kits is when things started go wrong.

One pet peeve of mine is when you increase the detail especially in the suspension details, the more fiddly the kit becomes to assemble. I know a lot modelers scoff at the mere suggestion of wire axles, but have you ever tried to fully correct the fiddly nature of those peg leg stub front wheels on a old MPC kit or even some of the new releases from AMT, Revell and others? The front wheels are usually severely cambered in and are at wonky angles relative to each other. Yes, I know you can just glue the wheels on the pegs/lastic stubs and have them sit static. However, I like all my models to roll like the real thing. lol!

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