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I'm around. I've replied to a few other posts. Trouble ahead.

I'm back to working on that Neoplan coach - nearly done!

Going through some major family stress at the moment. Just short of 35 years, and my wife wants to separate/divorce. It's been coming for a long time. I've been unable to work full time for the past 21 years, so Jane has been the full-time breadwinner. The role swap hasn't worked. She's just about reached burnout, but I supposedly haven't been giving her the emotional support she needs. I'm confused. Admittedly I did some stupid things over the years, but apparently I haven't improved/changed/what-have-you enough. My psychiatrist has diagnosed, addressed and treated everything he can and can't see potential for further improvement, and Jane can't see living with me as I am for another 20 years or so. I'm having a quiet week with them away and trying to get my (admittedly confused) head around the implications of all that.


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