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Nash Metro to be made into a Hot Wheels car... *PIC*

For the past two years Mattel has held car shows around the country to find a real car to be made into a Hot Wheels. Twenty shows, one winner each, then compete for the one to be made into a 1/64 die cast.
We were invited (you have to be invited to show) back in May to show our 66 Mustang at the Charlotte NC Hot Wheels show. We were really excited to be included but days before we were to load up and go to the show is when my major health issues hit me and put me down for the summer. We had no dream of being picked as the overall winner but wanted to be part of it.
In 1967 I was asked, as a kid, to 'test' Hot Wheels before we had ever heard of them. As payment I was shipped a Hot Wheels set before they went on sale. Been a collector ever since. So being in a Hot Wheels show with my newly finished car would have been the perfect topping off! Maybe next year.....

Anyway here is the overall winner. Could be done in 1/24 with a Hubley or Modelhaus. Not 100% sure how I feel about it!

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