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How about some AMT 64 Chevyes? (PICS)

This first one is an AMT pre paint that I got because I liked the roses along the side. It sat for years until I decided to give it a coat of clear.

This one used to be a rose, I decided I did not like it so I shot it with Hugger orange. Not sure what tires/wheels for this one.

The next one was supposed to be the new (a few years ago at least) Super Shaker 64. But I had trouble with the paint so I found this old body as a stand in. Painted with Testors' Classic White. You are seeing the tire/wheel combo I'm using for it. I took the 327 from the 64 Chevelle wagon kit and turned it into a 283 (by swapping out the valve covers for ones that say 'Chevrolet").

Thanks for looking

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