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I got the 'scoop' on Black Gold paints, straight from Jack Wenk himself, in person. And yes, he's pulled the plug on it!!

More than one thing did it,
For one, he told me that amount of paint he's been selling has been dropping like a rock in recent years. It's not selling at the numbers it did, say, twenty years ago or even ten years ago. He felt it was getting time to get out before it hit bottom.
Secondly, House of Coior's owner, Valspar, sold the entire CoK line to Sherwin-Williams paint recently. S-W then "shot up" (his words} from being the 12th or 20th (he didn't remember) selling automotive paint supplier to number 1. Then S-W decided to mess with the CoK line, pestering Valspar for ALL of the color codes for each separate CoK product, then deciding that the paint line needed to be a "Urethane and reducers-only" line-up...something that Jack didn't want. So, he stopped carrying it. He stil;l has some paint colors for his own personal use, but he's done selling CoK.

And then there's his health and age. I'mm 55, so I figure that Jack is older than me, so he's got to be past 60, maybe even 65 ( I did not ask). His recent cancer issues might have taken some of his energy out. I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw him, expecting him to resemble Lon Chaney's "Phantom of the Opera" or maybe , Severus Snape from the 'Harry Potter' movies, but he still has a nose. Part of it was removed and replaced with skin from the top of his head, but he's still on a medical regimen--MRIs, CT scans, biopsys, a leech treatment...

VW parts and custom embroidery are now "it" at Black Gold.

Told him I'd keep in touch. He looked at the VDO speedo I salvaged from the dumpster when M.A.L. Hobbies closed. Told me it's a late first-gen Type 2 speedo (Microbus), but the odometer doesn't work as a magnet is missing, and those are NOT available as a separate part...

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