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Off the bench.... Tribute for Ron Sherlin. *LINK* *PIC*

Back in February I was selling some of Ron Sherlin’s collection for his wife. A guy was looking at the 50 Chevy, box was kinda rough, parts off the trees, it had 2 hoods and all the body was accounted for but I could not guarantee that it was all there, so I asked the guy for $5.00… He countered with $3.00, I told him I had to get $5 and he said I’d be lucky to get $2 not knowing if it was all there, I replied, “no I’m sure I’ll get $5.00”, took the money out of my wallet and put it in the envelope with Ron’s widow’s money and placed the kit in my pile. I wish I’d had a camera ready to get a picture of that guy’s face… Long story, longer, this originally was going to be mated to the AMT 1939 Wagon Rod’s Art Morrison chassis but that was way more work than I wanted to do, then I saw the picture of the 1:1 on line and right after that found a deal on some mpc 1984 Corvette parts, front & rear suspension and engine. From that point this project gained speed and has come together in a matter of days. The parts are almost a drop in with few modifications to the frame, I had to thin the rear fenders and bed wall to fit the Revell tires & wheels. I weathered the hood Ron had shaved with a primer stripe down the middle to resemble a work in process. This is mostly a box stock build other than the engine, suspension tires and wheels. Only other additions are the master cylinder, fog lights, beat up tool box 1968 Dodge Dart Exhaust and shifter. Even with the larger wheels or “BAUW’s” (Big A$$ Ugly Wheels) as Ron would call them, I think he’d be pleased with this build. This build is for you Ron, I miss talking to you.

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