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Monogram '40 Pickup stock axle - solved!

So I'm re-shelving boxes, bagging loose bits, and grokking lots of stuff in the secret laboratory.

I take a hard look at my 'survivor' build Monogram '40 PU - built as a partial custom, with the wire wheels and white walls, very cleanly assembled for what at the time was probably the most complex kit on the shelf. The broken front axle is a bit of a mystery; it just looks so familiar, but I can't place it. And it dawns on me - the '36 and '40 Fords are not terribly different under the skin.

So... I dig into one of my '80s Monogram '36 Fords and extract the front axle. Smelling the gunpowder now... boy, it looks a lot alike. Dig an unused original '40 axle out of the flatbox kit.

Bingo. The front axle and cross spring in the '36 is identical to the flatbox '40, even some of the marks from molding are the same. Same configuration, same mount tab, same stubs and backup plate. Pass car is imperceptibly narrower, maybe .010, tops. If you were gnawing fingernails about stance, it would be no trick to shim out.

Didn't pop the survivor apart for the fix, yet, but that is on the agenda for some holiday cleanup pack up and resto work.

So... good news - if you want to do your '40 more traditional, the common and rather inexpensive '36 has the right axle and wishbone. Bet you could slot it a bit to dump the nose if you wanted. I'm looking at the possibility of running a small batch of stock '40 wheels, caps and flatty bits. As well as a buildup like the gorgeous and simple George Poteet pickup.

Anyway, happy Friday!

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