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I've been busy lately with my Project Focus. Take a look!

Project Focus is a curbside light commercial build based on the Revell 2004 era Ford Focus kit. The concept is that of a restaurant delivery car.

Over the past two weeks I've finished the body painting and have applied the company markings. The business markings are from Gofer while the Ford emblems, SVT badge, side marker and turn signals lenses are from the kit sheet.

Paint is Testors Model Master Phoenician yellow over Testors white primer and overcoated with Tamiya clear gloss. I have installed the rear lamp units, headlight units (minus lenses) and painted the cowl flat black.

The interior and chassis were assembled and painted flat black as a unit for simplicity and to streamline things as those aren't real highlights of the model. That assembly is considered complete.

The food bag is a dollhouse item that I repainted white and added the pig decal to.

Although the car is mostly stock I did opt to use one of the optional custom wheel sets from the kit.

This photo shows the rear side glass and hatch window mocked in place (not cemented yet) to check for appearance and effect. I painted the glass black from the inside to simulate the look of dark tinted windows.

I really like the Gofer decals and they really look good but a word of caution-they are very thin so patience and care are needed when applying them. Don't rush or you can tear them or they might fold over on top of themselves.

Still a lot of little things to get done but it's starting down the final stretch. I'm satisfied with how it's looking. While it's not my best work I am encouraged by how it's looking.

I hope some of you like Project Focus and how it's coming along.

Have a great weekend,


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