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Ford PR employee John Clor did his ENTIRE column in the Mustang News (Mustang Club of America's monthly magazine) a year or so ago on the Mustang Mach E name, and he was P-Oed over it!!

If the car turns out to be a complete dud, the failure will "transfer" to the Mustang. Putting the Mustang name on it won't help sales. Surprised that Ford didn't fire him afterwards. Then there's the question of WILL the MCA 'accept' the Mach E as a "Mustang" (For what it's worth, Clor was the biggest booster of the Mustang II in the MCA! LOL)

This is sort of like the '80s and '90s, when GM let Oldsmobile (or did GM FORCE Olds?) name almost half the cars in the lineup 'Cutlass'. There was the 'original recipe' Cutlass Supreme, the front-drive 'replacement in watiting' Cutlass Ciera, the smaller size Cutlass Calais...

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