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Just got back form ford v. Ferrari....... *PIC*

Disclaimer: I'll admit I am bias. A lot of the story is kinda told through the eyes of Ken Miles son. I'm about the same age as he. Dad was not a racer but head of Valvoline racing 1960-70. And like Miles' son I tagged along to many a race. We lived in So Cal, I went to many of the places in the film.So take it for what it is........

The film is lots of fun start to finish. Most of us know the overall story but cool to see it played out on screen. For the vast majority they got it right. Yes....if a race car spins there will be fire. That's what Hollywood figures the audiences need. Not a deal breaker. They did NOT have to add any Hollywood drama to the racing, at night, in the rain at Le Mans.....these guys had guts! I'll not give any real spoilers......I will say the trailer is a little misleading which is good as there are a few surprises.Bale looks like Miles and becomes him. Damon is good, but not as good.....maybe because we know Shelby better and he was a tough one to play. Everyone else is good in the film.....I'd like to know if some of the corporate bad guys were really that 'bad' (can't use the words I'd like!!). I'll go again before buying it on BR to sit and freeze frame it.

Little things I didn't like:
Daytona was really Fontana with safer barriers, digital scoring pylon and corp suites above pit road. The big billboards around the outside.....lots of wrong details. 90% of folks will never know.......but why not go to Daytona???
Star Wars speeder sounds added to the GT40 sounds. Again....what Hollywood thinks we need. I've ridden in a big block mid engine ain't a Speeder.
Some cars were not correct......I'll not say more less I spoil......but they could just as easy made them correct....why not???

In the end A+

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