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Off the bench! A quickie build of the AMT 62 Buick Electrica 225 (PICS)

I picked this one up to build it as a custom because I liked how they drew the rear. Painted it Testors Da Ja blue with a clear coat. I decided to add an extra headlight because I have another one of these kits and it seemed like the thing to do. The decals were breaking apart which was annoying as I think this is a new release, so they should not have done that. Anyway, fighting with the decals and having them not lay down like they should have took away some of the fun of building this one. On to the pics!

I shot the blue first, then put the decals on then shot the clear. You can see where the decals broke and some of the clear ran under the decals. So this is a 10 foot model :-)

The extra headlight gives it an Oldsmobile look I think. Hey, the kit came with six, I thought an extra would be cool! Bumpers are from the AMT 63 Impala kit.

How about a purple elephant and a pink bunny? Elephant came in the kit while the bunny came in the AMT 63 Impala.

I cut the kit intake off of the heads and then used the fuel injection intake from an AMT 69 Riviera kit for a little extra power.

Interior is painted with Testors bright blue (seats and some of the door panels) Tamiya flat medium blue for the carpet area, and Tamiya light blue for the top of the dash and door panels. Dash was painted with Tamiya gloss blue on the bottom and flat light blue on top.

Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed!

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