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BEEN BUSY LAST SEVERAL DAYS getting these off the bench..... 67 Impala convrt, 66 Impala SS, and 70 AAR Cuda. PICS and thanks for looking

70 AAR CUDA: Idiot me I just realized I didn't put the strobe decals on. How do you do that.
 photo 100_8372_zps0kiwwmud.jpg
 photo 100_8373_zps0obancjs.jpg
 photo 100_8375_zpsezekzoa2.jpg
 photo 100_8374_zpswxaam63a.jpg
 photo 100_8377_zpsvshoxmzb.jpg
 photo 100_8376_zps3hfe3xp8.jpg
 photo 100_8378_zps6qizansr.jpg
 photo 100_8379_zpsz8mh3rsm.jpg
 photo 100_8380_zpsacdc5paz.jpg

66 IMPALA SS: This was the closest example of a car I own at one point but mine was a Caprice...… I know I know different roof the whole shot but it's what is out there.
 photo 100_8381_zpsb2snfshl.jpg
 photo 100_8382_zpszlea371u.jpg
 photo 100_8383_zpsj7sqocvb.jpg
 photo 100_8384_zpsajfsuxux.jpg
 photo 100_8387_zpsmfuuvknd.jpg
 photo 100_8386_zpsobqijrcn.jpg
 photo 100_8385_zpsjc3eyilh.jpg

67 IMPALA: Kind of a glue bomb, busted windshield frame, no wheels or tires, you know we've all been there.
 photo 100_8388_zpscorzle6q.jpg
 photo 100_8389_zps5ixr0fdk.jpg
 photo 100_8390_zpsowdfdboh.jpg
 photo 100_8391_zpsfshrqkbm.jpg

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