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That '56 Plymouth 2 door pic took me back to 1957...

I was in the 11th grade and a classmate of mine used to routinely beat every Ford and Chevy in town. Now I'm talking about "family-owned" cars, driven by us kids, not the guys who regularly drag raced, street or strip. Anyway, My friend Ron's dad owned the exact same looking 2 door, plain-Jane '56 2 door with a 276 V8/3 speed.

Back then (in New Baltimore, MI, anyway) street racers always campaigned two-up, driver and "co-pilot". The diver concentrated all his- - sometimes her, actually- we still had farms in SE Michigan then, with girls you really didn't want to, let's say, treat the wrong way- anyway, driver's concentrated on the road, the gear shift and the pedals-steering wheel followed the driver's eyes- for better or worse. Co-pilot kept driver informed of competitors' position/actions and provided verbal encouragements. Race distance was always subjective- an agreed-upon guestimated 1/4 mile or just a, "from here-to-there" distance.

Anyway, love that '56 Plymouth shot and the memory it un-dusted. Oh yeah, I rode shotgun with Ron a few times...

Thanx a bunch,
John M.

cDistances nce measuring was optional- usually, a choice of, "from here-to-there guesstimated 1/4 miles or some other agreed-to distance.)

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