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A problem, guys - weird plastic/glue/daylight interaction.

I've just noticed all the Moebius Hudson Hornet models I built have developed a problem with the windows. Over the last six months or so the Windows have fogged. Not all of them, only the side that was on display. The other side, against a row of books, seems fine. Weird, huh? It's not crazing like you get with superglue, just a milky opacity, sorta like what happens to real old car windows after 50 years or so. Carrying scale realism a bit too far! (J/k)

I built the kits when they first came out, so whatever's happened has been a slow reaction. Pretty sure I would have used Microscale MicroKrystal Klear to install the windows as it's been my go-to for several years now. Pretty standard stuff, I'd have thought. No other kits in the room have been affected, just the Moebius Hudsons.

Anyone else heard of this happening?

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