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Remember back in the day, my first Pilot, GM Europe's J-car

IIRC project J-2900, the '96 Opel Vectra.
When building the Pilot vehicles, four or so months prior to production we had two types of taillights standard and high-end; the standards one were with a clear back-up and an amber turn signal, on the high-end ones those two were clear smoked, but when we went to SORP the standard ones tail lamps were changed to clear back-up and turn signal lenses (the latter with orange bulbs) prior builds were retrofitted with the new ones....
When I went thru a few model changes I learned that changes like this are common be it cosmetic or underhood, that's why new cars are produced in batches, every batch build with parts which up until then were released for production.
Mis those days


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