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OFF the bench ; Trailblazer Hunting / Fishing Rig.

I picked this up at the 2019 Classic Plastic show, actually based on a real prototype, pitched to GM.

Kit engine on the left, AMT engine on the right.

I modified a Suzuki Samuri frame for my build, kit frame on the right.

I decided to add a cowl for length, as well as lengthen the bed with new sides.

Added air intakes under the fenders and cobbled up an interior.

Decided more storage was needed, so made a place for a couple of jerry cans.

I got an old canoe from the '68 Pontiac long ago, decided to use it, had to take three scale feet out of the middle.

Built up a cannister air cleaner attached to a snorkel for the air intake.

Finished up the interior.

Figured out how to mount the canoe and store the oars.

Dual exhaust was a pain to work out, ended up using two Caddy resonators.

Loaded up with a generator, big toolbox and a tarp.

I also made up a couple fishing poles, strapped to the seats in the canoe.

Ready to roll out to the camp site.

So much for the diversion build, back to the workbench,

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