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57 Chevy 150 (PICS)

1957 Chevy 150 Utility (Black Widow)
Kit by Revell

My theme for this build was built in 69 as a street car that kind of is now a mild drag car that is flat towed to the drag strip. Car was repainted 1966 Corvette Nassau Blue and white. They added a 4 speed and a 409 from a 1962 Impala. Cragar mags upfront with Chevy Rallye wheels and Goodyear blue strip slicks. Lakewood traction bars and homemade tow tabs for flat towing. Inside a 60 Impala steering wheel and a Hurst shifter and a Lakewood roll bar.

Parts list is as follows:
Tow tabs, duel fuel line and wire looms are scratch made.
Front mags and tires parts box
Goodyear blue streaks AMT New Parts packs
Rear Rallyes MPC Corvette roadster
Added battery, heater, heater clamps plug wires, and brake line
Headers are parts box with photoetch caps
Hurst shifter is photoetch with wooden toothpick cut down for shifter handle
Photoetch keys, emblems, and door locks
Paint is Model Master raddle cans with Wet Clear lacquer

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