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Fireball 500/ MPC ‘69 Cuda/ MPC ‘75 Dart hoods- the results...

...I compared and test fitted all 3 to the 500 body. I can’t post pics, but Chuck, let me know if you want me to email pictures to you.

In short, the Cuda/Dart hood isn’t really a match. The curvature of the rear edge of the hood where it meets the cowl is significantly different between 500/ stock Dart- Cuda hoods. The 500 hood is also smaller, which will require trimming of the Dart or Cuda hood on all sides to make it fit.

The peak at the front does sort of match up. Perhaps not perfectly, but it would be better than a flat hood.

Also note that the 500 hood’s peak goes the whole length of the hood, while the Dart’s and Cuda’s stops in the middle of the hood.

And, the 500 hood has those depressions for the organ pipes.

The good thing is: the Dart hood is bigger, so since it requires trimming, you have material to work with on all sides.

If I had a 500 that needed a hood and had a Dart hood lying around, I’d probably give it a try- I’d make a template that fits the 500 hood receiver and try to trim the Dart hood to fit.

The 500 hood is way too small to fit the Cuda or Dart- there are approx. 1 mm gaps on all sides.

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