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Update on my wife. If you want her to come home..get her made at you !.LOL! She found out what I did...inside.

We had one bank account So I open up one, and had just only my Social Security check put in. I kept the one we had together opened with her SS check into it. Well, She WAS paying all the bills. She always said to me "If you did our money we'd be homeless". To say she didn't trust me is an understatement. Well I did not know the balance when I went to the bank to help me so I could pay the bills. Well the banker had to move some money to open my accounts, and when he did that we got an overdraft charges. I had gone out, and bought cat, and dog food. Then another bill came in we didn't know about. Now my wife is suppose to go live with her daughter on Feb 19,and then her daughter will go for permanent "full guardianship" in court on March 6.My wife's memory is short term. She has wised up on what is going on. And she is real upset with her daughter, and me. All I'm trying to do here is keep a roof over my head, and a home she came to. She wants to come home, and have a nurse stop by once in a while. I'm trying to get a better credit rating in the process. The good thing is our home paid off, and the car will be paid off this year. But getting there ?.I'm getting letters that she had dealt with. The stress is making me ill. When the oldest granddaughter uses profanity at you, than doesn't help either. I hung up the phone on her. We are all just trying to do what's right for my wife. They have different ideas than my wife, and I do. Thanks for your kindness.

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