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True. a '65-'66 might be a better starting point as that's what the original 1:1 Fireball 500 was built from, but other than resin (or cutting one from a H.U.G. body), those hoods aren't very available, either. Also...

...a '65-'66 Barracuda hood won't have the peak in the middle that the 500 had.

Credit to Chuck for seeing that the 500 hood and the Dart/ '69 Cuda hoods were of the same basic configuration, even if they aren't (and by all rights, should not be) a direct fit.

I think Chuck's just trying to find a hood for his Fireball 500 built that might be easy to obtain, stopping short of getting an entire new Fireball 500 kit.

Fireball 500 hoods aren't exactly jamming the boxes at swap meets. ;)

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