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OH IRVIN I'M THINKING TODAY IS THE DAY................... Line them up! I can't believe how similar these two cars are and I built this back when it came out. The planets must be lining up for something big. AWB? PICS and thanks for looking

I don't know how two guys living in different states can build something so similar in style..... Marty and I build stuff close but it's because I'm trying to beat him or he is TRYING to beat me. But to have two guys that don't talk on a regular bases is almost scary.
The paint on this is actually primer grey and cleared over it. The slicks are piecrust from my parts box. I generally don't spend money on aftermarket I just use what is on hand except for the pre-wired distributor and seatbelt hardware.
 photo 000_0350_zpstvmakumt.jpg
 photo 000_0351_zps1a9odqsb.jpg
 photo 000_0354_zpsccxmw4do.jpg
 photo 000_0352_zpsszro2uj9.jpg
 photo 000_0353_zpsfvne5ehz.jpg
 photo 000_0355_zpsz2f5gwqh.jpg
 photo 000_0356_zps7vo1i2t8.jpg

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