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Looks really cool. I think each slot at the lower edge of the body is for 4 exhaust pipes. Might give the driver a visor (or a small wind screen). 100+ mph bug in the eye could really smart, LOL. I wonder if you could hinge it at the rear to make the body tilt back *PICS*

like some do? The pivot point would have to be where the rear fenders would clear the arc and might require some adjustment at the body opening to also clear the driver, roll bar, and intake scoop - maybe even the front upside down U of the driver cage - but it would make a neat display mode with the body tilted back like you see at the drags sometimes. Or just display it tilted back and let folks assume everything clears. ;^) It depends in part on whether the inside of the body is displayable since he may have used quite a bit of filler over individual pieces to get a single piece exterior that smooth.

Maybe a multi-point racing harness for the driver?

Marty, of course these are all just late night minor random thoughts, none of which are really necessary. The build is just fine the way it is but it did nudge a few neurons in my stir-crazy self-quarantined brain, lol.

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