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1967 Dodge Polara 500 2 door hardtop (a resin master from Juha....) *LINK* *PIC*

This is a 1967 Dodge Polara 500. The body and interior came from a resin casting based on a master by Juha Airio, one of the model car hobby's most talented fabricators ever. His work here is a stunningly accurate replica of the real car, even down to the complex instrument panel engraving. Just wow!

I build it with a 383 4-bbl and chassis from an MPC 1966 Dodge Monaco 500, as that chassis is by far the most detailed 1965-68 C-body replica found in 1/25th scale.

The model was painted in 1967 88-1 Bright Blue Metallic, a Dodge B-Body color that year that some sources suggest also became available on the C-Body Monaco and Polara at mid-model year. It is paired with the factory white with black vinyl interior.

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