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BENCH MOCK-UP ON THE YEAR BORN...... Saw a picture of this car in my google search and I thought the Aztec Blue w/ the red interior was so cool and different I had to do it. PICS and thanks for looking

Kind of still a little ways from complete, have to paint the cove silver, finish detailing the interior, BMF'g, and clearing should be done in the next few days...… I still have that other 56 in the works, you know that sinister looking one with the black steelies. Also have my hands full with those 3 65 Plymouth's sitting painted and ready for completion. MAN! Who has time...……………………….. OH! me, retired, laid off from my 2 days a week driving job for now, live in a condo, and stuck at home that's who .

 photo 561_zpsosbask0z.jpg
 photo 56_zpsexamdcyx.jpg

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