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I don't usually peruse the British vintage tractor magazines at Barnes & Noble, but I did look at Classic Plant Machinery (or whatever the title was) when Tractor Supply Centers (TSC) USED to carry it.TSC seems to have dropped all of the "interesting" magazines...

Classic Plant Machinery was a magazine dedicated to folks who collected NON-agricultural tractors and equipment. Old aircraft tugs, tractors with mower attachments, backhoes, forklifts, bulldozers, cranes, and other industrial equipment filled their pages. Can't find it now.
TSC also used to carry Vintage Truck (American published, on light trucks), Wheels of Time (vintage American HEAVY trucks!), and two miniature collectors magazines, Toy Farmer, and Toy Trucker and Contractor, sister mags from the same American publisher (who also does a 1/1 tractor magazine or two).

Now if B&N would carry Heritage Commercials (vintage British and European heavy trucks) on a more regular basis, at more of their stores,

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