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Not grails exactly, but some uncommon kits I've accumulated over the past couple of years *PIC*

I was reorganizing my office/workroom recently, and moved the stack of model kits I've bought from eBay over the past couple of years. I haven't really been buying much recently, and what I have been getting are pretty much oddball kits that are interesting and not very common. It was an interesting pile, so I decided to stack them artistically and take a photo to share.

Most of these aren't anywhere near mint, by the way; they're mostly in various stages of half-built. The Revell 1962 Imperial kit committed one of the cardinal sins of model-kit packaging, but I guess it was too early for them to realize it. The box is too short for the assembled model to fit into even without the tires, and so the roof is a bit crushed. Should be fixable, though, and probably easier than making glass for the 1/32 kits underneath it. Also, funny story about the '57 Ford wagon -- many many years ago, well before the recent Revell '57 Ford came out, I happened across a roof for that kit in a parts box at a show, and bought it mostly because it seemed like a thing that would come in handy someday. Then, this kit came up for sale, and from the photos it looked like the roof was missing, to which I said, "Aha! I have one of those!" and I got a pretty good deal on it. And then when it arrived, it turned out the seller had just forgotten to show the roof. So, moral of the story: If it might come in handy someday, keep it.

(On the other hand, looking at the organizing I still need to do in my workroom, maybe that's not the best moral after all.)

Anyway, I'm happy to take photos of the contents of any of these that people would like to see.

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