Spotlight Hobbies

I did some model shopping today. (Pics)

First time in three years I've bought models (rather than selling them).

My favourite hobby shop is up for sale.
No, I didn't buy the shop, just helped clear some of their stock.

Three Tamiya kits, some paints and some HO train bits for my son's birthday.
(I had wanted to stock uip on Model Master sprays, but the good colours were already taken)

The Leopard is from 1981, the Carina from '87. The Toyoda (not Toyota yet) AA is a current kit.

Of course I had to open them.

Feels great to open a 39 year old Tamiya kit!

The older Tamiya kits had these cool catalogs in them. The Leopard is #SS2418. Their eighteenth 1/24 kit!
The Toyoda is #24339, and that's not their newest....

Fun times ahead!
Thanks for looking,

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