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Last year I got from eBay a unbuilt Palmer 1973 T-Bird mint. Cost me $90.00 (Can) with shipping. I wanted it.

Yea, $90.00 is humongous price for an old Palmer kit. But I had the same kit when I was younger; one of my first kits. It was a bidding war. But the funny thing is, a few weeks later, another of the same kit showed up on eBay by a different seller. So for kicks I bid on it, and won it too! But this time it cost me about $30.00 with shipping. Funny thing is, the peoples that were bidding on it were the same as on the first kit.
I kind of have a fascination with Palmer kits, I grab them whenever I find them and can afford. Even glue bombs.
Last year, I stumbled upon a Palmer 1959 Corvette and 1959 Plymouth Fury convertible buildups in an antique store.

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