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The Trudell Ford Mustang C/MP PIX

This is a fictional C/MP AMT 66 Mustang Coupe. It's been languishing on the shelf for several years, the promo style chassis was giving me fits in so far as it limited what I wanted to do with it. After nearly giving up and pitching the whole project, I stumbled across the AMT 68 Shelby Mustang on the shelf( don't ask, its a big stash) and after some fumbling around decided the chassis was a good candidate to slip under the Mustang. It had separate rear end suspension, exhaust system and front suspensions, plus drag racing options that appealed to me. It took only some minor trimming to the front bumper and splash pan and it was a perfect fit.
The unattractive blue plastic was covered with Rust-oleum Red from one of the Mega marts over duplicolor white primer. The chassis, driveline, engine and interior colors are all some combos of the Duplicolor and Testors. I added a six point roll bar, side windows, BMF, engine upgrades and wheels and tires from the parts box. The hood was gifted to me by a fellow Board member (Jim Meehan (spl?) I believe) The decals were off of an online auction site. They are from the Mustang Funny car kit, which was the original inspiration, as I wanted to do a better version of the box art, but when the decals arrived I realized the Trudell Ford decals were a perfect match for the Rusto Red. Since the Box art car was a fastback and mine is a coupe, I decided to go with the version shown here. I used the Ford 428 from the Shelby, the fender call outs are for the 427, but I don't know how to tell the difference between the two, so a bit of scale licensing is in order.
A quick online search revealed that Trudell Ford was a real life ford dealer in the Detroit area and that Bob Trudell really did drive an A/FX Mustang Fastback, but it was Red with gold panels and top. Anyway, here it is, comments and opinions are welcome. It's got several warts, just like everything I build, and still have a couple of things to do to it, but it's close enough to finished to show it off. Hope you like it.

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