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A few post down I gave a link to Mike Lowden for a basic set of flats. I would also recomment separate sets for acrylics and enamels due to the different chemistrys involved just to eliminate the chances of cross contamination. The best way is go to an art store or Michaels

and just check out some brushes. Art stores especially will usually have a container of water were you can test a brush just to see how the bristles react. Rounds and flats are the two basic types for most of what we do. Ox hair and camel hair work well for flats, especially for enamels. Some of the synthetics like the ones made by Robert Simmons or Taklon work well without getting too pricey. Advantages of artist quality is better bristles and quality of assembly since artists can be really rough on brushes. Check one of the basic art instruction books, especially for watercolors, they usually start off with a section on brush selection and use. Once you move up to more of an artist quality brush (even the less expensive ones) a lot just depends on what you get used to and like.

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