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Work in progress time from Evan

Chassis work on my 1/35th scale 1937 Available WS series truck. This is a conversion of the ICM Lastkraftwagen, which was a Renault series truck used by the Germans during WWII.

What I've done is make the chassis look more US-like.

Modified the kit cross-members with some C-channel.
The rear axle is from some unknown 1/25th scale car kit. Much beefier looking than the kit rear axle. The truck is supposed to be a 3 ton, after all. I had to modify the engine and radiator mounts as the engine and driveshaft were offset to attach to the rear axle.>

At left are the kit tires. They're the proper size in scale, some 7x20", but they just look so anemic. On the right is an AMT 1/25th scale car tire. Much beefier, even if a tad out of scale. The wheels fit the latter nicely.

Making the engine look a little more like a US one. The truck came with Waukehsa engines, but I think that the kit engine looks more like a Continental. But hey, modeling is an impressionistic art, after all. The black are was ground off.

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