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O/T:Did some trailer work today.....hoping car shows back soon.....

I had yet to pull the trailer our of storage to ready it this season for obvious reasons. Today I did....needed to fix the E brake cable that had gotten cut, I needed a new Aux battery box and the tongue needed stripped and painted. I got all that done and only had two running lights that were not coming on. But when I pushed on the lights they came on. So I removed the lens cover and found the screws very loose,,,GOOD ...easy fix. The screws looked like Torx head so I grabbed my Torx set. NONE of the Torx fit right. a T15 to small, T20 to big....there must be a T17 or something. So I got on the interwebs and searched Torx came up as there is no such thing. But one person said most enclosed trailers like mine have a Torx like screw but it is 8 point not 6. I checked...sure enough a 8 point Torx. The poster went on tho say 'if you have a No. 2 Robertson Square it works perfect!' For once I had what I needed. Sure enough the Robertson 2 worked perfect...even on one screw that was frozen hard.
Point of the whole story is I might have drilled out the offending screws, made a mess, and had a lot more work to fix it,,,,but for a note on the web!! I think about the good old days more than I should....but there are benefits today!!

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