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The '71 had an entirely different body though. Totally redesigned from the '65-'70 Impala. Even the wheelbase grew to 121" from 119" that the '65-'70's had. Also, it appears the '71-'73 kit body is based on the same tooling body cavity.......

insert. When '74 came out with the refreshened body and revised greenhouse, it seemed to be based on an entirely different tool. In other words, the '74-'76 2dr coupe kit and promo seems to be based on a completely new tool than the '71-'73 kit and promo body. So, maybe the entire tool is not different, but the body cavity insert is certainly new and the chassis plate is different.

This leads me to ponder that the '73 Canadian police car body still exists in some form which was the last version of the original '71-'73 body tool. Also, what happened to the '71 only convertible promo body insert? From the way the original convertible promo was engineered, it looks like it was based upon the '71-'73 body tool with just a new windshield A frame sunvisors and missing roof section. If these parts can be found, it is reasonable to think a '73 convertible could be made. This is, of course, assuming that the '71-'73 body tool insert can be found along with the convertible insert parts.

Since we haven't seen either since 1971 and 1973 respectively, I suspect they're either long gone or too damaged to be used in production again. It's a shame that the convertible saw very limited use as just a promo only for '71 instead of being continued for '72 and '73 along with having it available as a kit too back in the day. Yeah, the windshield frame wasn't correct since it was based on the hardtop, but at this point I'll take anything I can get.

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