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They are in a holding pattern...

It would be hard to find an addressable, definable group of 'serious' modelers [will pay freight for re-release] under 40, let alone 30 who is still doing model cars in North America... compared to sci-fi / fantasy.

Virtually every cent of R2 new-tool investment has gone to those subjects. They keep pumping out re-releases, because they are reliable sellers and it is important to keep their name on the shelf.

"We" know the potential dividend of exhuming a '68 Impala; but my payback on the bet is 3-2, where the same money comes back in much larger multiples for a "TNG something" that has never been explored before.

Not only are their customers nerds like we were, they have money AND they are OCD about detail and having "one of everything." In other words, a great business opportunity.

And to be fair, they only have a few people on staff vs. the army of craftsmen and engineers that even RC had before the fateful day when 200+ years of experience went out the door in a day.

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