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What the hello, man!?!? I bought a resin body where the dimensions are just out of whack, ..........*PICS*..........

I want to build as many models of cars that I have owned in the past as I can. In the late 1980's, I had a triple black 1972 ElCamino. Unfortunately, that is the one car that I don't have any pictures of.

I bought this resin body and the dimensions are off, mainly, the wheelbase is too short. The maker said to use the AMT 1972 Chevelle SS as the donor kit. I bought a built junker Chevelle to get some of the parts and the last issue of the Round2 1968 ElCamino for parts also.

The resin body was made to use the 112 inch wheel base straight off of the Chevelle. WRONG! That's why I bought the 1968, to get the correct wheelbase of 116 inches by using its frame and related parts.. The only dimensions that are correct are the width between the rockers, the length of the front fenders and the roof and door window sizes.

I can work with and accept all of the mentioned mis-proportions because I REALLY want to build this.

Here's where I'm stuck and I'm not skilled enough to make all of the modifications. The rear of the body is too narrow so the rear bumper is too long. Also, even if the bumper length was corrected, the cut outs on the body are too small to fit the taillight housings.

SMH .......

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