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AMT cheated like heck when they did the '69 El Camino "annual"

While it looks like an Elco, it doesn't scale out that way.

GM pulled the wool over everyone's eyes with that '68-72 series - an Elco uses the wagon/sedan front clip and cowl, which is taller than the coupe and of slightly different proportion, but you'd never know without a side to side comparison.

Thus the issue for a model car company - cutting a new tool for what would seem to be very slight difference was not on anyone's radar - speculating here, but the goal was to use as much of the available Chevelle kit as possible to get product on the shelf as the promo contracts were drying up in the late '60s.

We have a new-tool kit for that very reason; there was no profit in reviving the kit, even if they commanded big dollaz on the swap meet tables.

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