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Been there done that...MORE inside

I bought this resin body and put way too many hours into cleaning it up before I realized that it is TOO SMALL! It's a victim of "copy of a copy" a few too many times and has shrunk from what should be the correct size. You cannot compare the Chevelle annual kits to the new tool 68 Elco as they are different sizes too. I have an early copy of JF's 72 Elco that came with bumpers and everything fits from the annual kits. After all that, I mastered a 1970 El Camino in styrene using a 69 Elco and 70 Chevelle annual kits. You can see in the photos how much the resin 70 Elco has shrunk!

Still need to finish this one and the 1971 Elco that I started this year when I was working half time in the early COVID days.

Marc @ MPC Motorsports

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