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That green car..

is a 1970 Revell AAR body with the 1971 Monogram Hemi-cuda grille and taillight panel grafted in. It's sitting on a Monogram Lumina stock car chassis which fit remarkably well once I narrowed it a bit and took a piece out of the tail panel behind the fuel cell. I need to narrow the track about 1/8'' all the way around to get the wheels inside the body the way I want them. All Nascar suspension with the 340/6 pack engine.

(Yeah, I know the grille is upside down...)

This is what I'm trying to duplicate:

This picture was in Hot Rod Magazine with the caption "If Mr. "The King" went Trans Am Racing". I loved the idea and have been working slowly on this for years. Now that I'm retired I'm bring this, and a few others, back to the workbench and trying to get them across the finish line.

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