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My Shapeways short-shippment experience: positive! ...(more)...

I placed an order on June 24th that included several different sets of four wheels each. Order confirmed imediately via e-mail.

I was notified that my complete order was shipped on July 2nd via UPS.

Order arrived on July 9th.

Opened the order on the 13th. One wheel set (1/24 BMW 507) was short one rim. I did receive the 4 knock-offs. I notified Shapeways via their website imediately. I included three photos for "emphasis". In a few hours I received an apology e-mail informing me that my replacement part will be shipped on the 16th.

Received a box from Shapeways on the 22nd which contained not the one missing rim, but a complete set of four rims and four knock-offs. I am pleased!

This was my fourth Shapeways order.


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