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Dig this!

NOT mine, but cool building. Builder unknown to me, but he wrote of the model:

"Here is a slot car model of a 1959 Dodge Royal Lancer Stock Car. The real car ran in 1960 Daytona 500. The body colors are correct on the model

The body started out as a resin promo model and was painted and detailed by Todd Brannon.

I hand painted the red number 54s (decal numbers did not look good). Decals are Cady, ACE and Powerslide. Acrylic clear applied.

I found a rear window that fit the body. The front window currently installed is a piece of sheet clear plastic. I ordered a JoHan windshield to replace the sheet one.

I made the interior out of sheet styrene. A 1959 Dodge dash was added along with a roll cage made out of round styrene tubing.

The resin body was thinned out and then completely coated with high build acrylic resin on the inside to add strength.

The running gear is rare mid '60s Tamiya stock car that features a Mabuchi 26D motor. The wheels and inserts are original Tamiya. Rear tires are Professor Motor brand, Chassis has rear coil spring suspension."

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