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Dad just walked in the door, after a week and a half..... moving a little slow but moving he is sleeping in the recliner keeping his feet elevated and dealing with a drain bag.
The only reason I'm giving a few details is because he wants to stress the point about listing to your body.

Monday morning pain in the lower abdomen. Thinking it was maybe a pulled muscle from work he was doing on Sunday he let it go.

Tuesday woke him up in the early morning hours. Not thinking much about it but still pain he continued on with his day. Couple of friends came by late morning to look at collection, with that the lifting and moving around just became to much. Went to bed about 7pm he said to mom I'm going to take a shower and admit myself. He arrived at hospital emergency around 730pm. After a few test suspecting appendix he was in his room around 10pm. They came and got him around 430am Wednesday morning for surgery.

Wednesday felt pretty good, that evening fever started.

Thursday back for another early morning CT scan where they found infection pocket which sometimes happens when your appendix blows up, couple or hours later to surgery ( not cut open ) where the doctor inserted a stint so it can drain in a bag.

Friday morning the fevers started coming down but hoovering 98-101. They don't like that they want a constant 97 for 24hrs. Well Wednesday (this week) temps never went over 99. Wednesday early evening and Thursday the temps were 97 prompting his release today.
I may have missed a few little details but dad is still on the mend and groggy but I hope this tells everyone LISTEN TO YOU BODY.

OH! almost forgot, The liquid retention is unbelievable...…. He is swollen up in place I can't mention.

ANYWAY EVERYBODY THANKS FOR THE WELL WISHES...…. I'm sure it helped him get thru this health crisis


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