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And now for something completely different, continuing the theme of Steve's post below....anyone else want join the fun? *LINK* *PIC*

A few days ago, Steve A. posted pictures of a bunch of differently themed, different subjects of model car builds.

While you might not know it from my magazine articles, I've always advocated trying new genres of model cars for your projects as a great change of pace and "refresher". (I wasn't always successful in selling some of these different category projects to magazine editors back in the day, which is why you've never seen them in print).

Steve's post did a great job of demonstrating this idea. And he reminded me that i need to post pictures of a "something completely different" project I completed about 18 months ago. Yes, this one did finally appear in print, but it was started 10 or 15 years ago, and only under the newer editorial teams at Scale Auto did I finally get the go-ahead to complete the project as a magazine topics. For those of you who read Scale Auto, you can see the expanded kit review. build steps, and commentary about Monogram's 1977 Jeep CJ-7 in the June, 2019 issue.

But for everyone else, click on the link below for full overall and detail photo coverage of two different versions of the CJ-7 kit. And yes, for the record, they are the first complete scale SUV/Off Road models I've built.

Now, how about the rest of you? If you've built a model or two (or more) beyond your typical build genres, may you can post images here at the Board? Whadoyathink?


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