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Edsel production line build finished (Pics)

it's been a pretty good week here. I didn't 'lose' any days this week.

Weather's been good and I've been able to do a lot more garden work, and a friend has come to help with the heavy stuff. The kind of stuff I used to be able to do when my legs and balance were working right; digging and heavy prunung and such. I'm feeling the symptoms in my arms just these past few days, and have been making a lot more typing errors, but I'll keep building models as long as I can.

Well these two are finished, but the line will continue at some time in the future. There's a red and grey one to come and the other two are still in plastic.

The bodies were painted eleven years ago, according to the build photos I have. So not surprisingly I can't remember the paint colours. But the lighter colour on each is ancient Humbrol paint, the colours of which were discontinued about 50 years ago. But with a good stir the paint went on as smooth as ever. Marvellous stuff.

So how many Edsels have I built now? i forget. let's count, shall we? ;)

Lousy photo, this last one, I know. It's a pre-digital one through an old scanner.
I've had new clear sheeting let into the shed roof so I can set up a 'studio' in there and reshoot a lot of my models. And also dig out the ones you've never seen.
Maybe I'll eventually get around to counting how many I've built, with photos for 'proof'. :)

Anyway, that's five Edsels already built. With these two that makes seven - three more to come.
But not this year!

Thanks for looking,

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