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Cheaper to find it locally, maybe. But, McMaster generally has everything I need, which makes it easier to find there.

He demanded a link........boom, there it is.

It's been 17 years since I hung out here regularly, so it is hard to remember who lives where. 4 states later, it's sometimes difficult for me to remember where I live. Luckily, my state isn't on the verbotten list at McMaster. I can now find stuff like that locally............industrial suppliers themselves are hard to find in Albuquerque (where I used to live). Here, I have 2 industrial petroleum suppliers who could probably hook me up cheap, if I provided the containers.

As I said, I was using it to clean 3D prints (specifically those from a professional-grade resin printer, not the home game I usually play) and the isopropanol was a better choice than denatured and our petro supplier in ABQ wasn't interested in providing alcohol in less than 55-gallon drum quantities. Since storing 55-gallons of alcohol is a pain, I bought it 5-gallons at a time from McMaster. Boy, I sure do miss that printer! Not much else I miss about New Mexico though.

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